I have the following text:

\item bla
\item blabla
\item Quando o material termoplástico resfria, este endurece, desenvolvendo aderência entre o aço e o concreto, agora comprimido. \cite{Leonhardt}

This section happens in what ends up being page 12. Now, when the bibliography is presented, it comes out as:

LEONHARDT, F. Prestressed concrete design and construction. Berlin-Wilmersdorf,     Alemanha: Verlag von Wilhelm Ernst & Sohn, 1964. Traduzido por C. van Amerongen. 3

Where that 3 is obviously the backref to the citation. This is the index of the enumerate item (if I move the citation to the second item, it becomes a 2, for example).

How does one make the backref return the page number?

  • Is the citing inside the item changing the content of the bibliography? Are you running bibtex?
    – Sigur
    Jun 20, 2014 at 16:58
  • I am running bibtex, yes. And no, the item is not changing the content. The item is all pure text ending with the \cite. I've edited the OP with precisely what I have for that item.
    – Wasabi
    Jun 20, 2014 at 17:04

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The backref option to hyperref can take a value. By default it is section, but this does not seem to be giving the correct output, as it picks up the item number instead inside an enumerate. On the other hand you are requesting a page ref, and passing the page option does work:

Sample output




\item A
\item B
\item C~\cite{art}



with test.bib

  author =   {Author, A. N.},
  title =    {On\dots},
  journal =  {J. Jour.},
  year =     2004

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