Using classic-thesis, and using \pagestyle{scrheadings} the first page of new chapters shows the page number at the bottom left/right corner of the page. I would like to change only the position of the page number and moving it to the top left/right. I searched and I guess that I have to use something like:

\deftripstyle{pgnumbottomcenter}{}{}{}{}{\pagemark{}}{}% Here I have to modify something

What should I modify to move the page number to the top, (maintening all others characteristics of the page number style)?

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The KOMA-script document (section 5.2. Defining Own Page Styles) mentions the interface for \deftripstyle:


This allows you to set Headers and Footers for Inner, Outer and Centred locations on the page. Below I defined the page style pgnumtopouter that places \pagemark inside <HO>:

enter image description here


% \deftripstyle{<name>}[<LO>][<LI>]{<HI>}{<HC>}{<HO>}{<FI>}{<FC>}{<FO>}
\deftripstyle{pgnumbottomcenter}{}{}{}{}{\pagemark}{}% Here I have to modify something


\chapter{First chapter}

\chapter{Second chapter}

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