I wish to insert a simple vertex name like a1. All I want is to put 1 as subscript of a. I couldnot figure out how to do it in LaTexDraw.

  • You can not directly insert a subscript to a variable in LaTeXDraw. You should modify pstricks code obtained from LaTeXDraw. For example, LaTeXDraw gives \rput(0.0603125,0.02890625){a}, you can modify as \rput(0.0603125,0.02890625){$a_1$} when you insert it to your tex file. – ferahfeza Jun 23 '14 at 12:04
  • @ferahfeza, What if I want to crop the image? Can I do it? – taufique Jun 25 '14 at 9:10

When you insert a text, insert $a_1$. LaTeXDraw would still show you that the text is $a_1$ but when you export the project as "eps (latex) picture" you will get your desired result. You can then use that eps figure.

  • Thanks, its the perfect answer that worked. I was exporting the project as pdf though :) – Md. Arafat Al Mahmud Jul 7 '14 at 16:10

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