I am using the fancyhdr package to create the headers and footers in my document. I wanted to display the chapter name on the left side of the page, so I defined my header like this:

\lhead{\textcolor{deepgray}{\begin{myfont} \chaptername \end{myfont}}}
\cfoot{\textcolor{deepgray}{\begin{myfont} \textbf{\thepage} \end{myfont}}}

Where the deepgray color was defined as:


And myfont is:


But instead of displaying the chapter name in the header, all I get is the text "Capítulo", which is "Chapter" in Portuguese (the language used in my document). I tried changing the language to English and I got the same thing, but now the header only says "Chapter".


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\chaptername is the command to show the word Chapter in different languages, according to the language passed to babel package.

Instead, use \leftmark.

Also I suggest you to replace \par by \rmfamily on myfont environment.

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