I am writing up a product report, and building my header with fancyhdr.

On the first page, the section header (in the body) is overlapping with the page header, as shown here:

Overlapping header and text body

This is not repeated on following pages:

Non-overlapping body text

The header is specified as a 2-line table in the left side, and a 3-line table in the right side.

How can I remove the overlap with the section title? Thanks!


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to see the margins configuration. Then you can set it up and increase the distance between the text area and the header (namely headsep). For example,

  • This ruins the horizontal centering of the body. Mar 31, 2019 at 21:19

I had the same issue and I have solved by equaling headheight to the font size (mine was 14 pt) i.e.


I hope that this help.

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