Is there an option to restore automatically the last session on startup with Texstudio?


Yes. From the menu bar: Options -> Automatically Restore Session at Next Start. Tested on TeXstudio 2.8.0, Mac OS X.

Update TeXStudio 2.10.8

This newer version (on Mac OS X) has the setting in a different place. From the menu bar, select TeXstudio -> Preferences. In the new window, tick the box Show Advanced Options if not already selected. Then in the General category, under the heading Session, there is the option Restore Previous Session at Startup.

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    Yes, that works. I could not find it in the user manual. Thank you – tyrana4 Jun 28 '14 at 12:44
  • Yes, that works with windows, TeXstudio 2.10.2. – Vinod Kumar Chauhan Feb 14 '16 at 9:59

As of version 2.10.8 (tested on Windows, but likely true on other platforms), the option has moved to Options -> Configure TeXstudio -> General -> Session -> Restore Previous Session at Startup

(I appreciate that this is now quite an old question, but the answer has recently changed)


In 2.12.6 this option is selected by default.

If someone has switched it off do the following in the Windows/Linux version of TeXStudio:

  • Menu OptionsConfigure TeXstudio,
  • now switch on Show Advanced Options (at the bottoms),
  • General,
  • now switch on Restore Previous Session at Startup.

To switch it off do the same but in the last step switch off Restore Previous Session at Startup.

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