i'am trying to include a video into my beamer-präsentation. The picture and the buttons are displayed, but the video won't run. Im using iOS, just in case there is a special problem with my platform. Thank you for your time :)

    \movie[width = 6cm, hight = 6cm, start = 0s, duration = 15s]{\includegraphics[width = 6cm, hight = 6cm]{../Images/P1080386}}{../Videos/snake.mp4}
    \hyperlinkmovie[start = 15s, duration = 20s]{snake}

The package movie15 is obsolete since several years ago. It is superseded by the media9 package by the same author and having similar syntax.

The following example works with Adobe Reader on Linux, Mac, and Windows, but not iOS. Embedded video is a tricky business because a flash application (SWF) is required for playback, either embedded in the PDF or downloaded at presentation run-time.

In this code, the player VPlayer9.swf is embedded, but this is not supported by Adobe Reader on iOS, and I haven't managed to find one that actually is. The package manual has some notes about this:

On tablets and phones running Android or iOS, ezPDF Reader was reported to play video and sound files embedded with media9.

So it may be the case that this app will handle VPlayer9.swf as embedded in the code here. Unfortunately, that app costs money, and I don't feel like purchasing it because I won't use it more than this one-time test.1

The media files cubeposter.png and cube.mp4 used for the example may be found within the media9 package distribution.


    &autoPlay=true % start playing on activation

1 If anyone has an Android device and has time to test, I'd appreciate it. IIRC Google Play Store allows a trial period for purchased apps, but maybe this has changed since I was on Android.

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  • The problem is that there is no Flash player available on mobile OSs, thanks to the ban Apple expressed on Flash a while back. – AlexG Mar 25 '15 at 7:58
  • @AlexG thanks for visiting; I was hoping you would see this. Flash ban indeed! Do you know how ezPDF gets around this, or is my quote from the manual possibly no longer correct? Maybe I should just buy the app to test. – Paul Gessler Mar 25 '15 at 9:58
  • They just don't use `VPlayer.swf' or whatever video player component was embedded into the PDF alongside the MP4 file, and use some non-Flash built-in or other video player of the OS to play the video. – AlexG Mar 25 '15 at 11:25

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