I'm using graphics+overpic to create the title page of a book and I had a struggle eliminating a blank page that the code generated at the beginning of the book.

So I insert the image with overpic, it has the exact same height (I made sure of that) and a bit less width as the document. I eliminated the margins to get a full page image. This is the code that generates that blank page:


 %To write inside the image
 \put (43,80) {\fontsize{32}{38}$Tercera$}
 \put (43,72) {\fontsize{32}{30}$Cruzada$}


Now, I tried and tried and the only thing that works and still get me a full page image is


So I said to myself "ok, a round error of 0.001, no problem, I'll fix the image and it will work without the 0.999" but it doesn't! If I don't write the "0.999\textheight" the code will create a blank page.

My document size is this:


Tecnically there is no problem but I'm dying to know wihy this happens. Does anyone have any idea?

Thank you!

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