I'm having fun using a combination of Concrete and Euler in some of my documents. I wonder if anyone has a suggestion about a matching typewriter font? I've been trying Inconsolata (scaled to .97) but it seems a bit heavy (?dark, maybe?) to my very untutored eye. Does anyone have another suggestion?


Concrete features heavy serifs and therefore in my opinion does not go together well with Inconsolata (a monospaced font without serifes). I suggest to combine Concrete with Luximono (the latter scaled to 0.86 for matching x-heights).










enter image description here

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    Thank you; I was not aware of that font. It is nice looking. (FWIW, in case someone googles this answer, to me this font matches so much the Concrete body font that a viewer cannot easily tell code from text, so I think I am still looking.) – Jim Hefferon Jun 4 '11 at 0:50
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    Re the issue you just raised: you could add a grey background to the code to set it apart; this is a common solution in books. Or you could increase the kerning of the monospace font, this would help too. – Federico Poloni Aug 20 '12 at 12:09

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