I am preparing a paper for the SIAM journal and had lot of issues with including figures. Finally I converted my figures to pdf and added a bb field in \includegraphics. Now it produces output, but the figures are hiding behind the text which is following the figures. The siamlatex1213.cls file can be found at http://www.siam.org/journals/auth-info.php.

\includegraphics[width=1in,bb=0 0 575 575]{wheelnode.pdf}
\label{Wheel node}
\caption{Wheel node Structure}

I am running this file by WinEdt. First I texify and then run dvi to pdf. If I remove the bb field in \includegraphics it gives the error message: wheelnode.bb not found. I tried to include an image file here but failed as uploading of pdf files is not allowed.

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    You can't include pdf images in dvi mode. – Ian Thompson Jun 29 '14 at 10:31
  • If i use a .jpg file then it comes as a very small figure. maybe bounding box value is not correct. how to get proper display? – user961708 Jun 29 '14 at 10:46
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    You can't use jpg images in dvi mode either! It sounds like you are using pdf mode, and that the bounding box is incorrect. You could try pdfcrop, or make the pdf image available for download from another site and add a link here to get more help. – Ian Thompson Jun 29 '14 at 10:51

Option 1: use a pdf converter that includes the correct bounding box. http://phaseportrait.blogspot.se/2007/06/bounding-boxes-and-eps-to-pdf.html seems to have decent advice.

Option 2: give the correct bounding box manually. The bounding box numbers are lower-right-x lower-right-y upper-left-x upper-left-y. In this case it seems the lower-left-y needs to be decreased (from 0). If you cannot read off the coordinates in some reader you will need to adjust manually, by trial-and-error. Decrease that second 0 and try again.

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