I am switching over from TeXworks to TeXShop on the Mac and I am finding myself missing the good ol' cmd+\ to open the Console. While I can use cmd+` to cycle around windows to get to the Console, this is only feasible if I only have one document open -- if I have more than one document then I can't really use this to switch between the consoles since I would have multiple open, whereas in TeXworks I could just find the .tex file window and hit cmd+\.

However, no keyboard shortcut exists in TeXShop to open the Console. I tried #4 from this guide for keyboard shortcut bindings on TeXShop, and it works for, for example, Bold and Italic but it does not work for Show Console.

Is there a way of doing this or am I just stuck cycling around using cmd+`?

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It works for me (see image below). Make sure you have the capitalisation exactly correct and the keybinding doesn't conflict with anything else defined in System Preferences or TeXShop.

enter image description here


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