I am considering a poster presentation that I would like to design using nonstandard margin shapes. Current standard essentially puts elements inside a rectangle determined by page size, header and footer spacing, margin widths and likely other things I don't know. I think I can get the effect I want by specifying a slanted margin, e.g. specify spacing at the top of the page, and a slope for the left margin (separately for the right margin). Think of it as specifying typesetting for a trapezoidal sheet of paper.

(Although slanted lines of text would be cool, I don't intend to use that: just slanted left and right margins. Knowing how to slant the text line (not the font) would be a bonus, though.)

Is there a LaTeX package that would allow specification of slanted margins, especially on a per page basis? (Yes, I am considering different slopes for different pages.)

Is there one which would allow a shaped margin? (I doubt I would use it for this project, but having the margin slope change halfway down the page might have its uses. Curves and more interesting effects would be a bonus.)

Suppose I have use a package which lets me specify a slanted margin with slope 10 (so as I go down the page 10 inches, the margin slides over steadily until it is one inch further left). What are the readability issues in doing this? Is it a bad idea for a page with more than, say 30 lines of text?

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