I am new to latex and I try to auto indent my latex file using arara and latex indent. I use texmaker as IDE.

I installed arara exactly as: How to install arara with MiKTeX / Windows? and tested it. It is perfectly working. I also added it to texmaker using: Integration of arara in Texmaker.

but when I run try to build my file with arara it shows "Process exited normally" and nothing happens, and my file looks the same.

To be sure that the latexindent is working I used cmd and ran latexindent.exe, my file indented correctly.

what should I do that I can work with latexindent in texmaker?

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  • Welcome to the site! (As the author of latexindent) It's good that latexindent.exe works as expected from the command line; are you using the arara rule, indent.yaml, given on ctan? ctan.org/tex-archive/support/latexindent . – cmhughes Jul 4 '14 at 13:40