My question concerns the margin notes and particularly its position in the page.

Is it possible that margin notes have an absolute horizontal position but a vertical position that depends on the part of the text the margin note is inserted ?

Precisely I want that margin notes have :

  • an absolute horizontal position (given for example in centimeters)

  • a vertical position that is centered on the middle of a part of a text (for example delimited by an environment);

and which depend on odd/even pages.

The minimal example given below also includes a "vrule" that I wanted to by adapted to the text it depends on (absolute horizontal and relative vertical positions). I think the first part of my question would answer this part.

For the moment I tried to play with \raggedrightmargin... but without a "good" result and tried some solution on this website.

I hope that I am clear and I thank you by advance for your answers.



\usepackage[papersize={15cm,21cm},top=1cm, bottom=1.5cm, left=1cm , right=1cm,twoside,marginparsep=0cm]{geometry}%dimensions customisées de la page






\newgeometry{inner=1cm, outer=3cm, top=1cm, bottom=1.5cm,twoside,bindingoffset=0pt,marginparsep=0cm}



\marginnote{\small\textit{\begin{minipage}{2.1cm}This is a long margin note.\end{minipage}}}[0cm] \lipsum[4]

\vrule width 0.5pt height 2.8cm


\noindent\hspace{-2cm}\cexemple{\begin{ex} \lipsum[5]\end{ex}}


\noindent  This text include a margin note \marginnote{\small\textit{\begin{minipage}{2.1cm}This is another long margin note.\end{minipage}}}[0cm] that we have to align properly. 

\vrule width 0.5pt height 1cm


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