I am writing a thesis report. In the report I want to start counting the page number from a specific chapter. Those would be in arabic. But before that chapter I want to number pages in roman. How would I do it?

To be specific assume following chapters are present in the thesis - Certificate, List of Contents, Acknowledgement, Abstract, Chap 1: Introduction, Chap 2: ..., Chap 3: ..., Reference, Index. I want to start counting the page from 1 from Chap 1: Introduction. But before that page numbers would be counted as roman. What do I need to do?


at the beginning of your file, issue the command


when you want the page numbers to restart and change to arabic, issue the commands


\pagenumbering automatically resets the counter to "1".

some document classes have shortcuts for this, but you didn't say what class you're using.

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