I use multibib which creates two families of citation commands: pri and sec. I would like to get rid of bibliography headings for the \bibliographypri and \bibliographysec commands while keeping the Bibliography heading for the main \bibliography at the end of the document. I also use tocbibind, as advised here, to include Bibliography in the TOC and have a correct PDF bookmark.

I renew thebibliography environment to remove the internal \chapter code before \newcites and then restore it to get the main bibliography right.

In the following MWE, using tocbibind modifies \bibliography in a way that it adds an empty PDF bookmark at the chapter level, which I don't want. Moreover, citations that should be on the same pages as sections Primary and Secondary are two pages farther than expected.


      \@clubpenalty \clubpenalty
       {\@latex@warning{Empty `thebibliography' environment}}%







    \tableofcontents %% Skip from TOC, only PDF bookmark

    \chapter{Chapter A}
    \section{Section A}



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