Why can’t I use \llbracket in the following example?



,"\llbracket" % With this line, it fails!

\draw (0,1) node{$\llparenthesis$};
\draw (1,1) node{$\llbracket$};

\foreach \x in {0,1}
{\draw (\x, 0) node {$\pgfmathparse{\a[\x]}\pgfmathresult$};} % (*)

  1. Using \llparenthesis and \llbracket in normal draw works
  2. Using \llparenthesis works when using it in \pgfmathparse, indexing from array, whereas llbracket in the same place doesn’t (line (*))
  3. Both commands are from the stmaryrd package (not including the package doesn’t doesn’t allow 1.).

Activating the commented line produces this error:

! Package PGF Math Error: Unknown operator 4' or44' (in '{ "\llparenthesis " ,"\delimiter "444A471 " ,"\llparenthesis " }[0]'). See the PGF Math package documentation for explanation.


It's because one of them is a character \mathcar"444C hence "<char>" works off the bat. The other one is actually a macro expanding to \delimiter "444A471 and needs to be protected from expansion to avoid tripping up the math parser.

So you need


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