I am using the flashcards document class, with the avery5371 option that produces ten double-sided 2"x3.5" cards per page of letterpaper geometry.

When I make changes to some cards, rather than reprint the whole set of cards and discard those without changes, I would like to move the new cards to the end of the list and print them alone. It would be helpful, therefore, to be able to start a new page of output before the changed cards begin. But I find that the three commands I know of for starting a new page, \newpage, \pagebreak, and \clearpage, all fail to produce the desired result. The grid of ten cards per sheet continues past these commands unbroken.

Any suggestions on how to get a new page? The last-ditch solution is to start a new file with the changed cards.

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Instead of forcing the modified cards to appear in a new page, you could comment the unmodified ones, so they don't show; this can be done with the comment environment from the comment package; a little example (uncommenting-out the line \includecomment{comment} you can recover all the cards):




\begin{flashcard}{Test one}
Test one

\begin{flashcard}{Test two}
Test two

\begin{flashcard}{Test three}
Test three

\begin{flashcard}{Test four}
Test four

\begin{flashcard}{Test five}
Test five

  • Ah, very clever. May 22, 2011 at 19:04
  • 1
    I can find nothing else that works. Breaking the document into sections also fails to stop the relentless progress of the cards... May 23, 2011 at 22:15

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