In tkz-fct, the command \tkzDrawX draws the x-axis.

Is there an option to control the size of the ticks on this axis? Is it possible to draw the axis even without ticks at all?

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Yes and you have an example in the documentation of tkz-basepage 14enter image description here

An example


    right space=2.5,
    left space=0.5,
    line width=1pt,

\tikzset{xaxe style/.style={>=stealth',<->}}

\tikzset{mark style/.style={inner sep    = 0pt,
                            mark         = ball,
                            mark size    = 4pt,
                            ball color   = red}} 



enter image description here

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    I tried your example in Beamer inside an example block (ie. light green background) and the 0 and 10 labels appear with white background. How I fix that?
    – Gonzalo
    May 31, 2011 at 17:51
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    You have several possibilities. In my documentation, I use a macro to set the colors of text and the background : \tkzSetUpColors[background=fondpaille,text=Maroon] , this macros is defined in tkz-base. But you can modified \def\tkz@backgroundcolor{white} or you can change a style xlabel style and finally I think it's possible to change \tkz@fillcolorbut I'm not sure for the last idea May 31, 2011 at 20:09

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