How can I left-justify inside substack?



$L_{\textrm{disk}} = L_{ \substack{\textrm{disk} \\ \textrm{orbital} } } + L_{ \substack{\textrm{disk} \\ \textrm{spin} } }#$



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I tried using \raggedright inside the \substack, but this failed.

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    Use \begin{subarray}{l}\textrm{disk}\\\textrm{orbital}\end{subarray}
    – egreg
    Jul 10 '14 at 14:21

You can use \begin{subarray}{l}, but perhaps it's better to define a new command based on subarray (just like \substack is based on subarray).


  \Let@ \restore@math@cr \default@tag
  \baselineskip\fontdimen10 \scriptfont\tw@
  \advance\baselineskip\fontdimen12 \scriptfont\tw@
  \lineskip\thr@@\fontdimen8 \scriptfont\thr@@
  \ialign\bgroup\ifx c#1\hfil\fi


$L_{\tsub{disk}} = L_{\tsub{disk \\ orbital}} + L_{\tsub{disk \\ spin}}$


You have the advantage of not needing \textrm and also this avoids the subscripts being typeset in italic if the formula appears in an italic context like a theorem statement, because \normalfont takes care of selecting the default upshape font.

The argument to tsubarray can be c or l.

enter image description here

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