I am using the tufte-book class. When referencing with \ref within a caption using the babel package I get two errors:

"Argument of \@iiminipage has an extra }." and "Paragraph ended before \@iiminipage was complete."

The error does not occur when using \autoref instead of \ref or when deactivating babel.

Code example:




\caption{Figure \ref{fig:one}...}


How can I resolve this issue?

  • I'm investigating, but if you don't use shorthands in \ref you can use the package option safe=bib or safe=none. – Javier Bezos Jul 30 '14 at 13:52

The problem seems to lie in the redefinition of \ifthenelse made by babel and interaction with tufte-common.def that (wrongly) loads hyperref before other user packages.

Apparently, using \protect\ref in the argument to \caption (although theoretically it shouldn't be necessary) fixes the issue.

\caption{Figure \protect\ref{fig:one}...}
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