I want to write a letter in Hindi. I want to use mikTeX to create the PDF document in Hindi. I don't want to have transliteration from English to Hindi. How can I do this?

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    If you have a Hindi font in OpenType or TrueType formats (usually with an .otf or .ttf extension), it should be pretty easy using the LuaTeX or XeTeX engines (compiling with lualatex or xelatex). – jon Jul 14 '14 at 6:18

run with xelatex or lualatex:

\setmainfont{Arial Unicode MS}
कुछ पाठ उम्मीद है, हिंदी में लिखा.

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You can write using \usepackage{devnagari} and use command \dn to write things in hindi. Make a file with .dn extension go to the directory in terminal or cmd (or powershell). run command devnag filename.dn and you will get a filename.tex file. Compile it as you compile your tex files. for example:

{\dn{\dnveda sahI-galata, kucha hai bhI aura nahIM bhI hai|
samajha meM nahIM aa rahaa hai| vaise jo kucha hai, vaha saba galata hai aura usa saba meM svayaM maiM bhI huu/|
hara tarafa se eka hI aavaaza sunaaI detI hai mujhe-maiM galata huu/|
lekina maiM kahaa/ se galata huu/, kyoM galata huu/ in pra"snoM kaa uttara maiM nahIM de sakataa aura maiM soca rahaa huu/ kyaa kahIM
koI uttara hai bhI?

pra"sna hI pra"sna! pratyeka uttara svayaM meM eka pra"sna hai| ina pra"snoM me hI to samasta utsukataa hai,
samasta kautuuhala hai aura yahI kautuuhala tathaa utsuktaa jIvana kI prera.naa hai| jo uttara hai vaha mara cukaa hai, vaha vigata hai| jo pra"sna hai usI meM hamaarI sthaapanaa hai, vahI ad.r"sya aur aj~naata hai, usI kI upalabdhi meM amaratva hai| jis samay pra"snoM ka a.mta ho jaataa hai usI samaya jIvana kaa bhI a.mta ho jaataa hai aura maiM abhI jIvit hU/, isalie pra"snoM se ladaa huaa maiM svayaM apane lie ek pra"sna ban cukaa huu/| 

{\dn bhagavatIcara.n varmaa}

{\dn pra"sna aur marIcikaa}


after running devnag command you will get a tex file.

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