The below code (together with Knitr package in R) creates figures on 3 pages under one caption of "Figure 1: Lots of figure". What I want to have is something like "footer" underneath figures in pages 1 and 2 saying "continued on next page". Similar as how "longtable" handles with the split of a long table over pages.

Or maybe "Figure 1: Lots of figure (continued)" as captions for figures on pages 2 and 3?

Can someone help?




\captionof{figure}{Lots of figure}

<<test, echo=FALSE, fig.show='hold'>>=
dat <- data.frame(x = rnorm(100),
                  y = rnorm (100),
                  a = rep(1:5, ea = 2)
       data = dat,
       layout = c(2, 1)



Figures over pages

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