I use the memoir class to typeset my documents. This class also allows the easy addition of a glossary to those documents. However, the default pagestyle for the glossary is plain. I want to change the pagestyle to the style that I have defined myself and that I have set as the pagestyle for the document using \pagestyle{myheadings}. How can I achieve this feat? An MWE is included below.


\title{foo bar}









It uses the same page style as chapter so make a different alias for the chapter style. Perhaps use


Though, I find it strange to have a chapter first page with headers (which is why chapter is an alias for plain)

  • this would generally be strange. However, as I am using the article option of the memoir document class, what is called a chapter is more like a section of most documents produced using the article document class. – Bart van Beek Jul 22 '14 at 19:56

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