May I have the code for graphing each trigonometric function and its inverse on the same Cartesian plane? I have the following code for only graphing the sine function, and I got the following error: sorry, the supplied plot command is unknown by pgfplots. Please give me a web site for the syntax for the \begin{axis} command.

\begin{axis}[grid=both,domain=-2*pi:2*pi,samples=200,no marks,
xticklabels={-2$\pi$,-1.5$\pi$,...$\pi$,2$\pi$},x post scale=1.5]
\addplot {sin(deg(x))};

Just for typing exercise.




\begin{pspicture}[algebraic](-\psPi,-\dimexpr\pstPI2 cm +\pstPI4 cm)(\dimexpr\psPiTwo cm +\pstPI2 cm,\dimexpr\pstPI2 cm +\pstPI4 cm)
    \psaxes[dx=\pstPI2,dy=\pstPI2]{->}(0,0)(-\psPi,-\dimexpr\pstPI2 cm +\pstPI4 cm)(\dimexpr\psPiTwo cm +\pstPI4 cm,\dimexpr\pstPI2 cm +\pstPI4 cm)[$x$,0][$y$,90]
    \psplot[linecolor=blue]{Pi 2 div neg}{TwoPi}{\f}

enter image description here

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