% \documentclass{article}


% \addbibresource{bibliography.bib} % Specify the bibliography file to include publications

\header{Kiker}{Surname}{Front End Web Developer} % Your name and current job title/field


\begin{aside} % In the aside, each new line forces a line break
{\color{light-gray}{\FA \faHome}}
{\color{skype}{\FA \faSkype}} \href{skype:myskype.myskype?call}{myskype.myskype}
{\color{light-gray}{\FA \faEnvelope}} \href{mailto:myemail@gmail.com}{myemail@gmail.com}
{\color{html5}{\FA \faFire}} \href{http://www.mywebsite.de}{Portfolio}
{\color{gray}{\FA \faPencil}} \href{http://www.myblog.net}{My Blog}
{\color{linkedin}{\FA \faLinkedin}} \href{http://au.linkedin.com/pub/}{LinkedIn}
{\color{gray}{\FA \faGithubSign}} \href{https://github.com/}{GitHub}
\small{{\color{red} \FA \faHeart} JavaScript, jQuery,
{\color{html5}\FA \faHtml5} HTML5, CSS3,
{\color{php}\FA \faCode} PHP, Groovy/Grails,
{\color{gray}\FA \faLinux} Linux, LEMP, NGINX,
{\color{db}\FA \faTh} MySQL, Amazon AWS}
 \emph{proficient} English
 \emph{mother tongue} Italian
 \emph{notions} Spanish \& French

\section{{\FA \faUser} About me}

\section{{\FA \faStar} Expertise}

\textbf{Professional Capabilities}
    \item{High-quality front-end development for web sites and applications}
    \item{Modular, DRY, robust and reusable code}
    \item{Performance optimization, progressive enhancement, usability}
    \item{SEO with semantic HTML, Micro Formats and schema.org structures}
    \item{Site planning}
    \item{User interface design}

\textbf{Technical Skills}
    \item{Scalable HTML and CSS}
    \item{JavaScript Development (includes advanced jQuery and plugins development, HTML5 API, vanilla JavaScript)}
    \item{Responsive Web Design}
    \item{Mobile development (in browser)}
    \item{Experience with Linux environments.}
    \item{Working knowledge of PHP, using: CodeIgniter, ExpressionEngine, WordPress}
    \item{Experience with Groovy/Grails}
    \item{Working experience with software versioning, in particular Git and Mercurial}
    \item{CSS Preprocessor (SASS, SCSS and LESS)}

\section{{\FA \faSuitCase} Experience}

\section{{\FA \faBook} Education}


{Degree in {\normalfont Computer Science and Automation Engineering}}
{Polytechnic Marche University, Italy}
{  }


\section{{\FA \faQuote} Recommandations}


Specially for Skype, Facebook, Linken is working in this code?


You can use these icons (that are part ot the font since version 4) with this code :

\documentclass[a4paper, 12pt]{article}

\setmainfont{Minion Pro}



Here are missing symbols in the \emph{Fontawesome} package:

\verb+\faSkype+ &\verb+\faLinux+ &\verb+\faTh+ &\verb+\faQuoteLeft+ &\verb+\faQuoteRight+\\
{\color{CadetBlue1}\faSkype}  &  \faLinux  &  \faTh  &  \faQuoteLeft  &  \faQuoteRight


enter image description here

You can get the last version of the font here. As far as Xe(Lua)LaTeX is concerned, only the .otf font file is useful. You can install it either on your system, or in temf-local\fonts\otf\fontawesome.

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  • still it's not working. Skype and Linux icon is not showing – Micky K Jul 16 '14 at 6:03
  • Do you have installed last version (4.1) of the .otf font file themselves on your system or on your local texmf tree. In the latter case did you run texhash (TeX Live) or refresh FNDB (MiKTeX)? Last, did you try with a basic document and a standard class (one never knows…)? – Bernard Jul 16 '14 at 8:44
  • Yea I download it and install the Fontawesome. I am using the Winedt not TeXLive. Skype and Linux is not working – Micky K Jul 16 '14 at 9:12
  • Did you compile with XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX? – Bernard Jul 16 '14 at 9:16
  • Yes, at XeLaTeX is working but not showing the icons and on LuaLaTeX is given error Minion Pro is not founnd – Micky K Jul 16 '14 at 9:21

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