How can I work by using WinEdt? Before that I just knew MiKTeX 2.8 and worked with TeXmaker and type with easily, but for some formula my friend introduced me to WinEdt and I don't know the relationship between those. How to I make a PDF with WinEdt? I'd like to learn working with both of them.

  • i used WinEdt until 7.1 version but i didn't like. From there i use TexStudio and i like because the new features as auto-completed function and others. – skpblack Jul 16 '14 at 0:48

There is a toolbar, as in all editors, that allows you to perform most usual tasks for a TeX document. Here is a snapshot:

enter image description here

As an example, in the centre, you have these 4 icons:

enter image description here

The second one from the launches pdflatex on the current/main file; on its right side, the small black triangle lets you open a dropdown menu that lets you change the compiler. The trash icon is for deleting auxiliary files; it also has a dropdown menu that lets you choose which files to delete. The third and four icons launch biber and bibtex respectively.

Similarly, there are icons for dvips, dvipdfm, pstopdf and , rightmost, for gsview/ghostscript and the pdfviewer (default is sumatrapdf).

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