Problem Statement

I use BibTeX for the Bibliography, makeindex for the Index and hyperref to create the hyperlinks.

In the .pdf file that I get after compiling, all hyperlinks (e.g., ToC entries, page references in the Index, citations of Bibliography entries,...) work, except for the Index entry in the ToC, which instead points to the Bibliography (the Bibliography ToC entry also links to the Bibliography).

How to reproduce the problem

Here is my example.tex file, reduced to a MWE:










\chapter{First chapter}
\section{First section\index{section}}
\section{Second section}






and my biblio.bib file:

  author = "Author",
  title  = "Title",
  year   = 1490

Finally, here is the routine I use in compiling (I am running TeXLive in GNU/Linux Fedora20):

pdflatex example.tex
makeindex example.idx
bibtex example.aux
pdflatex example.tex
pdflatex example.tex

What am I doing wrong?



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