I want to add text (i.e the image source), which includes a citation, at the bottom right of a figure like this:

figure with source

I wrote the following piece of code:

{\small{\raggedleft{test \cite{_some_citation_}}}       %this does not work    
\caption{Merit-order of generating plants}  

which produces this result:

figure latex no source

I have tried several variations of the code, by putting the "test" text before the \centercommand and by enclosing \center within {} (which, strangely, makes the "test" text left justified). What is the correct way to achieve what I want?

PS: I am using the bookest document class and the graphicx, float and wrapfig packages. I havent posted the preamble because I dont know if its relevant, but can do so if asked.

\hfill\small test \cite{_some_citation_}    
\caption{Merit-order of generating plants} \label{fig:meritorder}  
  • thanks! just so I know, is \hfill the only (or easiest) way? More generally, do \raggedleft and such not work within float environments? – avg Jul 19 '14 at 20:06
  • 2
    sure, it works too. But \hfill is easier in this case. For \raggedleft you have to use a paragraph – user2478 Jul 19 '14 at 20:07

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