I did a clean installation of MiKTeX (latest version). Then I did a package update --- believe it or not, there were packages to update.

After the update, I tried running "Update Formats" from the settings... I started getting mesages that I needed to install file having to do with music tex: bagpipe something or other, and some other file having to do with music notation.

That is surely a bug, right? My sources are typeset correctly (so far), and they have nothing to do with music.

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You can remove the bagpipe and bagpipex from the format list via the MiKTeX options (-> Formats ->"select" -> Remove). You won't be asked to install this package again.

  • Its forbiden. BuThe error message indicates "Built-in format definitions may not be deleted" and the format build processes, stops on those formats because I deleted music packages.
    – djnavas
    May 8, 2016 at 7:04

Someone has told me this happens because the bagpipe package hasn't been properly categorized as a Music Application and is mistakenly considered essential. Not exactly a bug, I guess, but not a good thing.

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