I'm trying to enlarge the interword spacing, because with ITC Kabel's default spacing it's sometimes hard to decide where is the space between two words. I read the manual of the microtype package, and I did some trying, without success. For example this one:

\SetTracking[ spacing = {1000*,1666, } ]{ encoding = T1, family = *, shape=*,series=*}{ 25 }

Maybe there is an easy solution that doesn't involve microtype?.


You can change the \fontdimen parameters controlling the interword spacing: \fontdimen2 (the normal interword space), \fontdimen3 (the amount of stretch of the interword space), and \fontdimen4 (the amount of shrink). A lttle example:



\spaceskip=1.5\fontdimen2\font plus 1.5\fontdimen3\font
minus 1.5\fontdimen4\font


  • To be clear about this example: we can set \spaceskip to set the interword glue, whose default values (ideal, stretch, shrink) are picked up from the font's (\fontdimen2, \fontdimen3, \fontdimen4). – ShreevatsaR Jul 19 '17 at 0:14
  • Related question: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/23921/… – ShreevatsaR Nov 6 '17 at 1:09

If you are using XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX, you can use the WordSpace option in fontspec:

\fontspec[WordSpace=1.0]{Times New Roman}
  • Thank you, that time I was using PDFLaTeX, but still thanks! – deeenes Sep 22 '14 at 21:56
  • Please note that this only works while loading a font and not with \addfontfeature. – Tobi Jun 17 '17 at 7:42

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