I just want to know how to insert a single character like $ in only one column of a table.

To be precise I don't want that character in my heading, but in all other data rows of the corresponding column. I tried it by using {\@$}, but it didn't help me much.

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Here is a way to go, with array and its modifier >{…} that allows to insert commands at the beginning of each cell of a column. It allows here to insert the $ sign in each cell of the second column, and the number of the rows in the first column.

I also use makecell to have easy common formatting of column heads, and variable width horizontal rules:

\documentclass[a4paper, 11pf]{article}



\multicolumn{2}{c}{} & \thead{Head 1} & \thead{Head 2} & \thead{Head 3} \\
  & & & & \\
  & & & & \\
  & & & & \\
  & & & & \\


enter image description here

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