I'm trying to use fancyhdr to put the current section name into my header, but the below code just returns a blank header. I can display the current page number without a problem.




What is the correct way to do this?


It is not necessary to use the packages sectsty, parskip and fancyhdr together with a KOMA-Script class.

This classes define the two commands \setkomafont and addtokomafont to change the font of the different elements in a document.

The class option parskip can be used to get a parskip instead of a parindent.

Headers and footers can be set by the package scrlayer-scrpage or the older scrpage2. Both are part of the KOMA-Script bundle.

The KOMA-Script classes have a special command for unnumbered section headings producing an entry in the page header and an entry in the table of contents: \addsec. Use this instead of \section*.

For further Information have a look at the KOMA-Script documentation.


\usepackage[automark]{scrlayer-scrpage}% or alternativly scrpage2  

\usepackage{blindtext}% dummy text


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  • Many thanks for this. I'm using writelatex.com, which doesn't seem to support scrlayer-scrpage. If I use scrpage2 would the rest of the code be the same? – user2950747 Jul 23 '14 at 18:49
  • Yes, the rest would be the same. The font element pagehead is then only a synonym for the font element pageheadfoot. You will get a warning as information that the font of the pagefoot is also changed. writelatex.com doesn't know scrlayer-scrpage because they have an older version of KOMA-Script. – esdd Jul 23 '14 at 19:26
  • Thanks again. It's working fine in TeXShop on a Mac when I use \usepackage[automark]{scrlayer-scrpage}, but not if I use \usepackage[automark]{scrpage2}. I haven't made any other changes to the code. – user2950747 Jul 23 '14 at 19:41
  • Oh sorry, I forgot to activate the pagestyle explicitly. Now I have added the line \pagestyle{scrheadings}. – esdd Jul 23 '14 at 23:12

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