I'm trying to reproduce the following picture with TikZ:

enter image description here

Which is basically a circle with a variable width outline (the red line in the pic) that looks like a brush stroke. Can someone kindly give me a pointer to where to start?

  • Have a look at here: simulating hand drawn lines. This should be a start. – Dan H. Jul 28 '14 at 10:29
  • You should start with an MWE! Define the colours, the size, the blue circle. Tell us what you have tried so far. Like this you will get an answer much quicker. – LaRiFaRi Jul 28 '14 at 10:29
  • Would be easier, I think, in metapost than tikz... – cfr Jul 31 '14 at 0:42

A "poor man" solution:



\node(a)[circle,fill=blue,minimum size=3cm]{};

\draw[line width=1pt,red,line cap=rounded] (a.180)to[bend left=45](a.90);
\draw[line width=1pt,red] (a.170)to[bend left=45](a.80);
\draw[line width=1.5pt,red] (a.160)to[bend left=45](a.70);
\draw[line width=2pt,red] (a.150)to[bend left=45](a.60);
\draw[line width=2.5pt,red] (a.140)to[bend left=45](a.50);
\draw[line width=3pt,red] (a.130)to[bend left=45](a.40);
\draw[line width=3.5pt,red] (a.120)to[bend left=45](a.30);
\draw[line width=4pt,red] (a.110)to[bend left=45](a.20);
\draw[line width=4.5pt,red] (a.100)to[bend left=45](a.10);
\draw[line width=5pt,red,line cap=round] (a.90)to[bend left=45](a.0);

enter image description here

You can use a foreach loop to make the code prettier and/or add more steps so to have a smoother width increase.

You still need to implement the brush effect.

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