Does anybody know how to configure Emacs or Auctex such that when you insert an environment for example with C-c C-e equation RET? Avoid having to type RET for (Optional) What label? question? Or completely stop being asked for any kind of label?



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The insertion of environment labels is controlled by the LaTeX-label-alist variable. If you don't want environment labels, theoretically you would need to make that variable nil:

(setq LaTeX-label-alist nil)

Unfortunately, this setting will be overridden for the environments provided by the amsmath package and the longtable environment.

A much more coarse solution would be to redefine the LaTeX-label function to do nothing. Add the following to your .emacs

(eval-after-load "latex"
     (defun LaTeX-label (env))))

So you'll never be prompted for labels after inserting an environment with C-c C-e or a section with C-c C-s. You'll be able to manually add labels with C-c C-m label RET as usual.


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