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Is their any track changes option available in LaTex, similar to word. If some other person want to mark comments in my LaTex document, is that possible?

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    The nice thing about TeX is that source code is text only. Thus, even if you just save copies of versions as you go along a project, the actual changes are easily recovered with a diff between the files. There are some very nice diff utilities available these days. – Steven B. Segletes Aug 1 '14 at 12:08

There are different ways to track changes in latex. Because it is basically just code, you can use a sourcecode tracking tool like git.

As a single person writing a document, I found latexdiff useful. It allows you to create a modified document and compare it to another (original) document. The script then creates a diff-document that, when compiled, gives you word like syntax highlighting with red striked out text and blue added text e.g.


Not in general - if you are working with several people on the same document, it can be helpful to use a version management system (like SVN or Git). It did this for one of my last scientific proposals.

Furthermore, you could have a look at online tools like


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