I've used \includemedia to insert an animation (.swf file) in my slides. It works. Besides the animation, I also want to include three bullet items that show up one after one, which are done by \item<1->, \item<2->, \item<3->. I want the animation to keep running during all three items.

The problem is, the animation needs to be either reloaded (if set activate=pageopen, which takes time to reload) or click (if set activate=onclick, which I prefer). Below is my MWE. Is there a better solution?




\item<1-> \textbf{\texttt{One}}
\item<2-> \textbf{\texttt{Two}}
\item<3-> \textbf{\texttt{Three}}

  • I can't test neither your code nor my suggestion (my viewers don't work with media9), but this might work: \onslide<1-3>{\includemedia[width=5cm,height=2.5cm,activate=onclick,deactivate=pageclose] {\colorbox{white}{click}}{test.swf}} – Gonzalo Medina Aug 3 '14 at 2:02
  • I just tried \onslides and the animation still looks like to reload after every item. – Since1996 Aug 3 '14 at 18:52

This is not possible. Beamer overlays produce individual physical PDF pages for each visual state of the presentation frame. There is no way to 'pull' the loaded FlashPlayer plugin with the running SWF file therein from one page to the next. Instead, every page loads its own instance of FlashPlayer with the SWF running from start.

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