This code uses the \transdissolve effect:

        \begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
           \only<1>{\draw[fill=red] (current page.south west)rectangle(current page.north east);}
           \only<2>{\draw[fill=blue] (current page.south west)rectangle(current page.north east);}

The effect decompose the frame into small rectangles that change color.

Is it possible to customize the effect changing the size of the rectangles?

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Transitions are offered by PDF, not LaTeX. When available, you can however define the duration and the direction as options. For example, \transdissolve[duration=0.2] or \transglitter[direction=90]. The duration is given in seconds and the direction in degrees.


As far as I understand the overlay animations are also something from the pdf format (in interaction with the viewer) itself, so latex does not have influence on the size of the rectangles.

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