If i load the amsmath package it doesn't allows to break by default alignments across the pages in the multline, align, gather, alignat environments and their starred versions.

Howewer it exists the global declaration \allowdisplaybreaks (or \allowdisplaybreaks[1-4]) allowing breaks. This declaration can be placed in the preamble of the document or in anywhere of the document from which it has the effect.

Suppose you want to cancel this effect later in the document (reset to default) thereafter, Is there a global declaration opposite to \allowdisplaybreaks to do this?


The \allowdisplaybreaks macro changes the \interdisplaylinepenalty parameter. You can undo the effect of \allowdisplaybreaks using


Try commenting \interdisplaylinepenalty=10000 in the example below to see the effect.

a &= b \\
  &= c \\
  &= d \\
  &= e

Or there is the simpler way: \allowdisplaybreaks[0].

  • Thanks!, i defined something like \newcommand{\noallowdisplaybreaks}{\interdisplaylinepenalty=10000} and it works perfect! – skpblack Aug 9 '14 at 14:36
  • 5
    Watching the definition of \allowdisplaybreaks in amsmath.sty seems that \interdisplaylinepenalty=10000 is equivalent to \allowdisplaybreaks[0] and it also works. – skpblack Aug 9 '14 at 14:50

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