I want to read from a csv file:


Now my initial.csv file looks like this:

a, # b 
1, 3

It creates the following errors:

Illegal parameter number in definition of \csv@col@body \csvautotabular{initial.csv}
Illegal parameter number in definition of \csv@temp \csvautotabular{initial.csv}
You can't use `macro parameter character #' in restricted horizontal mode \csvautotabular{initial.csv}

Then I tried with replacing # by \#. It gives:

Missing \endcsname inserted \csvautotabular{initial.csv}
Extra \endcsname \csvautotabular{initial.csv}
File ended while scanning use of \pgfkeys@temp

Any idea on how should I try if my csv file contains some #'s?

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    {\catcode`#=12 \csvautotabular{initial.csv}}
    – wipet
    Aug 15, 2014 at 4:04

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As @wipet wrote, the problem is the catcode of the # sign. With the recent version 1.12 (2014/07/14) of csvsimple, you can neutralize the # sign with the respect sharp option:

\csvautotabular[respect sharp]{initial.csv}

enter image description here

There are some more respect xy options which also may be interesting for other use cases, e.g. respect and (for &) and respect dollar (for $).

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