I am using the class scrbook and I would like to have parts without prefixes (similar to the default chapters in scrbook), i. e.


  \part{This Is Part One}

Part I.

This Is Part One

should become

I. This Is Part One

I have not found a way to do this in the documentation of koma-script, but I hope there is a simple solution.

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    German: Hallo. Es ist hier üblich, dass man ein sogenanntes Minimalbeispiel bereitstellt. Also einen vollständig kompilierbaren Beispielcode. So können, die die helfen wollen einfach ausgehen von dem helfen. Das hat auch Keks Dose in seiner Antwort angedeutet. English: Please provide a complete code example which shows the pwoblem and will produce a document. So others have less troble to help you. This is kind of normal here. – Dr. Manuel Kuehner Aug 16 '14 at 10:04

Well, the documentation of koma-script helped me to find a solution after all:



  \part{This Is Part One}

However, since I am not a very experienced user of LaTeX I don't know if there are any caveats associated with it.

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There is no possibility to set this behavior with an option. You would need to hack KOMAScript.

Copy the class-file scrbook.cls to the same directory as your tex-document. Rename it, e.g. to mybook.cls

The lines you want to change are 100 and 2533, also you need to comment out the lines 2529-2532, these are the lines, where the Part I-Line is created.

In line 100 change scrbook to mybook

2533 is setting the title, here you want to add the number.

old : \size@part{#2}\strut

new : \size@part{\thepart\autodot\ #2}\strut

you can experiment with other spaces after autodot.

Now you can use it in your document:

\part{Test A}
\chapter{Test 1}
\part{Test A}
\chapter{Test 1}
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What about


? If you provide an example, we can test...


@cgnieder, tohecz, Jubos, who deleted my first answer: This is an answer, it solves the OP's question partially. There is no reason to close it. Go and help people who have questions. E.g., solve this question here.

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