I have this specific problem about inclusion of my scanned PDF pages with existing LaTeX document.

I use an iPad application Scanner Pro to scan and create PDF copies of my hand-written notes. Then I would use pdfpages package to merge these PDFs with my LaTeX document.

So I added something like this in my .tex file:


By several attempts, I discovered this oddity that

  • if the .tex file was ran through xelatex, the scanned pdf file refused to be inserted, instead it simply left with as many blank pages as the original scanned file;
  • if the .tex file was ran through pdflatex, the scanned pdf file would be inserted as expected.

Furthermore, I think that this is a problem relating to graphicx or graphics package, because the same behavior has been found when I tried to use \includegraphics command instead of pdfpages package to insert these stubborn PDF files.

I also tried explicitly setting driver option of graphicx to be xetex with no luck.

Here is (one of) my stubborn scanned PDF file, (It's on Dropbox, and it's written in Chinese...) providing for your test.

Thanks in advance.

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    the XREF table of the provided PDF appears to be broken. You can repair it with pdftk: pdftk broken.pdf output repaired.pdf
    – DG'
    Aug 16, 2014 at 18:43
  • @DG' Thanks, It worked. Maybe you should consider submit your comment as an answer?
    – Naitree
    Aug 17, 2014 at 3:08

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A fault in the XREF-table of your PDF seems to be responsible for the problems with XeTeX. You can repair your PDFs with a tool like pdftk:

pdftk broken.pdf output repaired.pdf

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