In my LaTeX document, $\mathcal{N}$ is not being rendered 'curly' enough for my liking:

enter image description here

If my document class is 'article' then I get the curlier N. The problem occurs when my document class is 'elsarticle' (Elsevier template). Presumably there's something that I can override?

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    Have you taken a look at the mathalfa package by Michael Sharpe? On pp. 6f. of the package's user guide you'll find listings of the looks of a couple dozen math-calligraphic alphabets. The broad subcategories are "upright", "restrained", "embellished", and "heavily sloped". I trust one of them will meet your needs – Mico Aug 17 '14 at 20:44
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    Further to the list of math calligraphic fonts featured in the mathalfa package: It looks like you (or the document class you use) may be loading either the mma ("Mathematica Script") or the pxtx (times) font package. The math calligraphic font you say you want indeed appears to be the regular Computer Modern math calligraphic alphabet. – Mico Aug 17 '14 at 20:51

As Mico had guessed, and you'd verified, you were loading non-standard calligraphic fonts in your document. By leaving the class options as default, or by adding the times option, you get two different results:



by default:

enter image description here

with times:

enter image description here

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    Aha! The problem was that I had [times] before {elsarticle} - thank you. I'm not sure what to do now - do I delete the question? Leave it? Or do you want to update your answer and I'll accept it? – lemon Aug 17 '14 at 20:48
  • I'll clean up the answer a bit. If someone in the management thinks the question should be deleted, I'm sure they'll say something. – Mike Renfro Aug 17 '14 at 20:52

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