In the following example I am facing some issues regarding enumerate:

Firstly, in order to make sure the items start in separate line, I used \mbox{}\, however the items have shifted a bit more downwards than needed.

Secondly, how can I start numbering (3.1), (3.4) etc. rather than 3...4 in the example above? I tried using 3.\arabic as an option for enumerate but there are 5 errors.

Thirdly, after using \mbox my enumeration disappears (item titled "Linear Function" should be enumerated as (4).

\lhead{Lecture 1}
\rhead{Handout 2}
\usepackage{amsthm} %for proof 
\title{\ul{Expectations in Bivariate Probability Distribution}}
\item[\hskip \labelsep {\bfseries #1}]}{\end{trivlist}}
\newcommand{\myitem}{\stepcounter{enumi}\item[(\theenumi)]}%for enumerate with no. in brackets
\newcommand\litem[1]{\item{\bfseries {#1}}}


Let the random vector $(X,Y)$ have a joint \textbf{pdf} $f(x,y)$, and let $Z=h(X,Y)$ be a (single-valued) function of (X,Y). Then the expectation of the random variable $Z$ is 

\item[Moments] For non-negative integers $j,k$:
        \myitem Let $Z=X^{j}Y^{k}$. Then $E(Z)=E(X^{j}Y^{k})$ is called the $(j,k)$ raw moment ($=$ moment about the origin) of the bivariate distribution.
        \myitem Let $Z=X^{*^{j}}Y{*^{k}}$, where $X^{*}=X-E(X)$ and $Y^{*}=Y-E(Y)$. Then $E(Z)=E(X^{*^{j}}Y{*^{k}})$ is called the $(j,k)$ central moment ($=$ moment about the mean) of the bivariate distribution. 
\item[Variance and Covariance as Special cases of Central Moments]\mbox{}\\
    \item $j=2,k=0$
    \item $j=1,k=1$


        \litem{Linear function} 



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1: Don't use \\ after \mbox{}.

2: The option would be label=(3.\arabic{enumi}), although this is a bit odd, given that the enumerates are not nested.

3: Put \mbox{} after \item[Theorems], not after \begin{enumerate}[leftmargin=*,start=4]

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