This is a simple question

  • when I set Alpha and Beta in \pstThreeDCoor, why doesn't it affect all the following macros?

I have to set it in psset and also add a \pstThreeDCoor{Alpha=#1,Beta=#2,drawing=false} so that everything is affected

My usual grudge comes when I have plots and dots. When I set it \pstThreeDCoor, the plots are good but the dots behave with default Alpha and Beta.

I used the following workaraound but it is quite a mistery to me why this is even necessary:


Update: An example

A paraboloid with tangent plane and vectors

%if this line is commented, the plots are ok but the dots are not
\parametricplotThreeD[yPlotpoints=2](0,360){t cos 1.5 mul t sin 1.5 mul 2.25}
\parametricplotThreeD(0,1.55){-39 cos t mul -39 sin t mul t t mul}
\parametricplotThreeD(0,1.55){129 cos t mul 129 sin t mul t t mul}
%curvas coordenadas
\parametricplotThreeD(-45,135){t cos 1.2 mul t sin 1.2 mul 1.44}
\parametricplotThreeD( 0,1.60){80 cos t mul 80 sin t mul t t mul}
%punto P
\pstThreeDPut[pOrigin=br](0.208,1.182,1.55){$P$ }
%vector Circu < -0.99 , 0.16 , 0 >
%vector Parab < 0.06 , 0.36 , 0.72 >
%vector Norm < 0.115 , 0.713 , -0.366 >
%Plano Pi
( 1.585,0.37,0.30)%
( 1.765,1.45,2.46)%

I will include a set of two compilations that demonstrate the difference

A correct picture with everything in its place

A picture that does not have its elements in place

The example code is not a verbatim copy of my file but it is enough to produce an adequate result (it corresponds to the left sides of the example images)

  • make a complete example. – user2478 Aug 24 '14 at 12:16

Alpha and Beta must be set global! For example:



enter image description here

  • Ok, if that is so, why does it have an effect on the plot commands? I have had many issues with some things being set changing between compilations. Either way, I will begin to use your advice as common practice. Thank you – hanzo2001 Aug 25 '14 at 14:00

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