I am relatively new to Latex and I am trying to write my first project thesis. I am using WriteLatex, which is an online Latex environment. I was successful in obtaining the references from many sites, imported them into a .bib file in Bibtex and cite them in Author Year title format. My problem arises when I cannot see the References at the bottom in Harvard style. What I want to see is this

[Alpaydin,2004] Ethem Alpaydin, Introduction to Machine Learning, MIT Press, 2004.

What I get is just this under the name Bibliography

Ethem Alpaydin, Introduction to Machine Learning, MIT Press, 2004.

I am using the following packages



\bibliography{Ref} %My .bib file

Edit: The Bibliography files are of the format:

  title={Introduction to machine learning},
  author={Alpaydin, Ethem},
  publisher={MIT press}

Can someone please help me get the Harvard style referencing even at the end of the document in the style I mentioned above. Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to TeX SE! You seem to be using the plainnat style but perhaps that is not what you want and you should choose a different one? Note that your code cannot be used to reproduce the problem you describe since you do not include any bibliography entries in your question.
    – cfr
    Commented Aug 22, 2014 at 21:51
  • Could you kindly suggest what style I should use for that. Commented Aug 22, 2014 at 22:08
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    @cfr - In the present case, the solution doesn't require using a different bibliography style. Instead, all that's required is not loading the natbib package.
    – Mico
    Commented Aug 22, 2014 at 22:18
  • @Mico Thanks. It is a while since I used natbib...
    – cfr
    Commented Aug 22, 2014 at 22:33

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To get the appearance of the entries in the references, keep using the plainnat bibliography style but do not load the natbib package. You'll get:

enter image description here

\documentclass[a4paper]{article} % to keep output all on one page
%\usepackage{natbib} %% deliberately commented out
  author   = "Ethem Alpaydin", 
  title    = "Introduction to Machine Learning",
  publisher= "MIT Press",
  year     = 2004,

If you do not want square brackets surrounding the citation callout, i.e., if you want it to look like Alpaydin(2004), you should also provide the following instructions in the preamble:


If you did load natbib -- and, of course, didn't load the cite package as well -- you'd get the following look, which is, I gather, not what you want:

enter image description here

  • Thanks @Mico, it works!I never knew I should change that. Commented Aug 22, 2014 at 22:36
  • One more question is how did you name the section as 'References', mine shows 'Bibliography' but I don't want that. Thanks in advance Commented Aug 22, 2014 at 22:48
  • @Nikki_Champ - My code produces the header named "References" because I used the article document class, just to keep the output all on one page. If you switch to the report class, you'll get "Bibliography" as the header.
    – Mico
    Commented Aug 22, 2014 at 22:57

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