I am working on a document in a TrueCrypt volume. As far as I understand, when I view PDF, LyX puts a temporary PDF file (and probably all temporary pdflatex files) into some other folder (at least, I don't see them in the folder with the lyx-file). Can I change this? I would like all files, even those later deleted, to reside in a TrueCrypt folder.

I have tried to remove the path in the Preferences/Paths/Temporary directory, but the PDF file still doesn't appear in the lyx-file folder.


Tmp files and memory dumps are written to disk and those files can be recovered using file system analyses tools such as EnCase/Sleuthkit/Graverobber etc.

If you are working with sensitive data consider using full disk encryption. See this link for an overview of of the process.

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  • If the files were be written to the same TrueCrypt-encrypted directory as the lyx-file, they would be unrecoverable, wouldn't they? In any case, I'm just wondering: Where does LyX puts these files? – texnic Jun 28 '11 at 6:42
  • It seems that the placing of tmp files is system dependent e.g. Windows and Linux will save tmp files according to the operating system setup. Data security is a rather involved subject and the easiest solution when working with sensitive data is using data encryption technology to the fullest extend possible. – INTINV Jun 28 '11 at 8:49

You can set the path of the temporary directory (after you set it, restart LyX):

Tools > Preferences > Paths > Temporary Directory:

enter image description here

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