I customized my footer so that the page number will be on the right side of the footer instead of its default location which is the center of the footer. When I generated my file, the page number appeared on both the right side and the center. How do I get rid of the page number in the center?

Also, how do I get rid of the header?


Content here.
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    Please add a minimal working example! – Marco Daniel Aug 24 '14 at 12:31
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    Add \fancyhf{} after \pagestyle{fancy} – user11232 Aug 24 '14 at 12:36
  • @percusse: I did not check what Haris Kumar proposed, I referred to Reg' statement, that it worked ;-) – user31729 Aug 26 '14 at 20:14

Converting my comment in to answer, just to close this.

When you define and apply a fancy page style, you need to empty the previous values/definitions of headers and footers. This is done by issuing


in the definition as

\fancyhf{}        %% <--- here

After this, your problem should go away.


In my opinion, for your requirements the answer provided by Harish Kumar should be sufficient. As an alternative, following two lines can replace \lfoot and \rfoot commands in that answer:


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