I'm writing a thesis using scrreprt and want the preface to appear as an unnumbered chapter. When I use


I get the correct entry in the table of contents, but the heading is not set correctly by srclayer-scrpage. Instead I get the title of the previous chapter in the heading, which happens to be "List of Figures" in my case.

I guess I could manually refresh the chapter title for the heading as well, but probably there is a more elegant way to solve this problem?

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Of course I figured it out a few minutes after posting the question…

The right command to use is \addchap provided by KOMA-Script for scrbook and scrreprt. Using


I get an unnumbered chapter that appears in the table of contents and the headings are set correctly.


Another way is to use the scrbook class and then use the macros \frontmatter, \mainmatter, \backmatter. If you use the first one just before the \begin{document} line then you can use easily chapters without troubles for add them at the toc. Something like this:







\chapter{First appendix}
\chapter{Second appendix}




The schematic structure above shows the use of those macros available with the scrbook class that ease the use of different kind of chapters with or without numbers.

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