Using the StandardItemLabels options of babel, itemize bullets are in the margins. How is it possible to set up properly bullet item and right spacing ?





    \item une
    \item liste
    \item de 
    \item mots

    \item et un
    \item et deux
    \item et trois

    \item[obj] def
    \item[obj] def
    \item[obj] def


with StandardItemLabels option without StandardItemLabels options

I would like only change the bullet not the position.


See section 3.3 of the documentation for frenchb.

In your case you might want to use \frenchbsetup{ItemLabels=\textbullet} rather than \frenchbsetup{StandardItemLabels=true} so as to only change the label, not the spacing.

Otherwise change \listindentFB and \labelwidthFB to fit you need - see the aforementioned doc for examples.

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